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Social Impact Events

Human Library - Be a book at Banjaara!

We aim to create an interactive memory lane where people share their stories in random, intimate one on one interactions. You can borrow a book for 20 minutes and listen to the adventures of your borrowed Banjaara or sign-up to become one! As a listener, there are multiple genres to explore in our library, like ‘Becoming Banjaara’, ‘College Kathas’, ‘Just 90’s kid things ’ along with a genre-bending section!

There is no prior registration or age-limit. You can come and on the spot choose to sign up to be a book or a listener. There would ideally be 20 minute slots but there’s no limit to how your story goes!

GraphicShelf Exhibit

To incorporate visual forms of storytelling, we’re collaborating with GraphicShelf to take us down the memory lane of graphic novels in India. Graphic Shelf is India’s first comprehensive database of graphic content, containing detailed plot and art analysis for each of the featured graphic novels, blogs on trivia and popular content and interviews of renowned publishers, artists and illustrators.

Look out for their exhibit near our Human Library!

Banjaar-art - An Interactive Art Installation

We want to be inclusive of all forms of storytelling at the Human Library, and move beyond the barriers of language to connect with each other. So here is a call to student artists across the globe: if you’d like to weave your art work within our theme and visually represent a trip down memory lane then Banjaara is the space for you.

Send in your art and let it tell your story at an interactive art installation that we have planned. Chosen submissions will be exhibited in the area that we plan to have our Human Library. Our library will be divided in genres like ‘Literal Throwbacks’, ‘The first time I…’ and many more fun ones you can revolve your art around. Space will be provided for participants at Banjaara to continue the dialogue your art began. We’ll send you their responses at the end of the festival, and contact details if they’d like us to relay that too! If you’d like to know more about the genres (and genre-bending section) and would like to participate in our installation, please fill in this form before 5th February 2018.

Blind Encounters in collaboration with Mind Piper

What happens to a first impression when you cannot see the person you’re talking to? Let’s answer the question together with an interesting game. It begins with a conversation followed by a couple more without you seeing who you’re talking to till you’ve spoken to everyone. Then your blindfold comes off, and you must find the first person you spoke to. Since you can now see everyone who’s there in the room, talk to people find that person! Variations of this game will run in slots throughout the festival, and we’d love for you to take part! Mind piper is an NGO dedicated to creating awareness about various mental health issues, and they have agreed to bring a unique experience that opens you up to communication in a bias free form.

There’s no registration required. You can come discover new people and ideas by registering on the spot! The game would run in slots that will be on the schedule.

Sustainability has s(Tuck)! - 3rd February

In this workshop, conducted by Labonie Roy, we will learn how to recycle waste from our very own tuck shop to create useful items. As a socially responsible festival, we aim to pay close attention to our waste generation and reduce it as much as we can. This workshop is an attempt to both highlight the importance of recycling waste as well as make it accessible and fun. Items that will be made are:

  1. Tetrapak coasters
  2. Tetrapak and toilet roll desk organiser
  3. Decorative fairy lights with toilet rolls
  4. Planters with cans and plastic bottles
  5. Lamp and lampshade with newspaper, cans, plastic bottles and chips wrapping/cloth

Reciprocal Learning with Ruhi

Being a Banjaara is about exploration - whether it be of a new place or a new skill. It is about having the courage to move out of your comfort zone and wander in the unknown. In the diverse community that occupies Ashoka, this ‘unknown’ can vary: from the lack of knowledge about Haryanvi culture that surrounds us to the lack of a common language that can burst this comfortable bubble. To learn more about our surroundings, from and with the people that occupy it, Banjaara is collaborating with Ruhi to conduct a series of workshops. Ruhi is student-run initiative that aims to equip the support staff with basic oral and written English skills. Our aim of these workshops is to provide a platform of reciprocal learning. Through a shifting of roles, we will be learning from didi’s and bhaiyyas (most of whom primarily hail from in and around Sonipat) about our immediate surroundings. In classic Ashoka style, they get to design the syllabus. For instance, some have already shown interest in showcasing Haryanvi cuisine. In an intimate workshop, we will be cooking local, Haryanvi dishes that are college student time and budget friendly. These will happen in accordance to the didi/bhaiyyas free time either in the pantry or the common rooms. With their consent, we’ll be shooting short videos to make it accessible to the larger Ashokan community.

Fundraiser Fun!

On the festival days, we are organising a Haat, to promote and celebrate the work of local artisans and craftspeople in and around Delhi/NCR region. To fund this initiative, we will be having a fundraiser on 12th February, 2018. Here, we’d like to provide a platform for talented upcoming artists (like you!) to sell items like postcards, posters, bookmarks, calendars and zines. These items can be work you’ve made/sold before but we’d like for them to in some way represent a trip down your memory lane. Each item should ideally be accompanied by your brief explanation of why it did, for we’d like to know more about you and your process too.

Here's how it will work:

  1. We will manage the logistics of the sale for you, so all you have to worry about is the art!
  2. You will be deciding the prices and quantity of your products.
  3. If you are submitting artwork electronically, we will get it printed in your desired form. For instance, if it is a postcard, we will print one for display at the stall (along with the price). We will take orders for the same, and then print out exactly the amount ordered (we hope to be an environmentally-friendly and aim to reduce our waste as much as we can!). Do note that you will be paying for printing costs, but we have tried to minimise your risk of any losses through our model as much as possible.
  4. Moreover, we will not be charging any stall rent, and your work will reach a campus full of 2000 people and counting.
  5. In addition to your work/brand gaining this publicity, each contributor will also receive 40% of the profit made from their products. The rest of the profit as mentioned above will be used to fund the Haat during Banjaara.
  6. We’d like to be as transparent as possible about the financial details, for which you’ll be assigned a POC from our team once you fill this form by 4th February. We will reach out to you personally to flesh out further details.