Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come for Banjaara?

College students and Ashoka Alumni who present their college IDs and/or Government ID at the fest gates will be allowed entry. Soft copies will be considered as well. Guests of the Alumni or YIFs will be required to present a referral sent by their respective Ashokan friends.

Can I attend Banjaara even if I am not participating in any event?

Of course! Register at for Rs. 200. You could also register on the spot for Rs. 250.

Is there a fee to attend the fest without participation in any competitive events?

Yes—Rs. 200 if you register online and Rs. 250 for on-the-spot registrations.

How do I make the registration payments?

Visit and follow our registration procedure. Payments must be made online for all formal events, unless specifies otherwise. However, you may register for Informals on-the-spot.

Can I register as a college contingent?

No, but you can register for an event as a contingent. Please register on our website

Is there on-the-spot registration for competitive events?

Each competitive event specifies whether it allows on the spot registration or requires preregistration online. Refer to the Event Rules for more information.

What is the last day to register online for competitive events?

18th February 2018.

When is the latest I can enter?

6.30 p.m.

Can I leave campus at any time?

We provide bands on entry for both days. However, you can enter only once each day. Your band will be torn at the time of exit and you will not be allowed re-entry.

Who can participate in the Formal Events?

Only undergraduate students can participate.

What can I carry in my bag pack?

We allow sealed bottles of water and refreshments. Items including but not limited to loose cigarettes, knives, lighters, drugs, alcohol, and illegal substance will be confiscated.Baggages will be scanned and all visitors will be frisked during entry.

How do I get to Ashoka?

The most feasible way to reach campus is to use the Yellow Line of the metro to get to Jahangirpuri. The Ashoka Shuttle, which will be parked between gates 3 and 4, will then bring you to campus to begin your adventure. Please find our Shuttle Schedule attached. It takes approximately 45 minutes from Jahangirpuri to Ashoka, so do plan your trip accordingly.

What transport will be provided?

The Ashoka shuttles will ferry participants between Jahangirpuri Metro Station on the Yellow Line to Ashoka. The shuttle takes an average of 45 mins to reach campus from the metro station.

Will Banjaara be providing accommodation?

Mail us at [email protected] or [email protected] with your accommodation requirements, and we will go ahead from there!